Celebrity cars and film star’s cars have always attracted a lot of attention whether it is on the road or in the media. When these kinds of cars eventually come up for sale depending on the owner, the price tag can be hugely inflated next to a car owned by regular member of the general public.

It’s no surprise that recently the classic 1970 Porsche 911 S, which was formerly owned by the movie star actor Steve McQueen and the very same Porsche 911 that was featured in his 70′s film “Le Mans” was sold for staggering $1,375,000 (£832,800) at an auction house in California. This is now a new world record for a Porsche sold at auction.

Although many of Steve McQueen’s private vehicles were either sold off after his death, although many were handed down to his son. In contrast to the recent Porsche 911 sale, in 2007 another vehicle previously owned by Steve McQueen was his 1963 metallic-brown Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso which was sold for an amazing $2.31 million at auction.

Another petrol head (& Ferrari fan) celebrity is the UK broadcaster and DJ Chris Evans who owns seven classic Ferrari’s, (nicknamed the magnificent seven”) the most recent is a very rare 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO purchased at auction in 2010 at a huge price tag of £12m. What makes this car extra special as it just one of only 36 ever made. Another unique Ferrari he owns is the “250 GT SWB California Spyder” once owned by Hollywood actor James Coburn, this car was purchased for £5m in 2008.

A vintage car a 1932 Packard which was originally owned by the singer Al Jolson was sold at auction this year for an amazing $7.6 million in the USA. In contrast to car’s owned by famous people, sometimes the car’s themselves are the stars, like many cars that have been featured in TV and films often are sold for amazing prices.

On a less exotic note, the Reliant Regal 3-wheeler car used in the classic British TV comedy “Only Fools and Horses” was sold for more than £40,000 (more than double the estimate) at auction in 2007, while the 1960s Batmobile car was sold for almost £120,000 in the same year.

Lastly, for slightly more heavenly motoring in 2005 a Volkswagen Golf previously owned by a Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who later became “Pope Benedict XVI”, was sold by its then current owner in the same year of purchase on a popular online auction website for an amazing $244,000 (£127,000). So it just goes to show, it doesn’t have to be a rare or exotic car to fetch a high price, it could just have a famous previous owner or unique celebrity background history which gives the car good provenance.

More About R.C Cars

Radio Controlled cars have never got old, never in a boy’s life. Striking new designs along with high powered motors, these R.C Cars have an ever-lasting panache, making each one of us want them. R.C Cars are very cost friendly, and they are very easy to operate. They come with a remote controller who controls the speed and direction of the car, along with standard rechargeable batteries. R.C cars in most usual cases are RTR (Ready to Run) and requires minimal or no assembling. They can be operated by all age groups as they are safe; they are easily to operate, both indoors and outdoors. Most of the R.C Cars are identical to the real cars like Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Mercedes, Land rover, Lotus, Rolls Royce, etc. with absolute same colors, windows, doors and even interiors. They are less expensive and very durable in nature. There are various types of R.C Cars available from Cars, trucks, monster trucks, sports utility vehicle and off road vehicle.

Types of R.C Cars available in the market:

Electric R.C Cars: Electric power R.C cars are most popular and most selling type of car in the world of R.C. These cars are powered by lithium polymer or nickel cadmium cells, and are operated by a remote transmitter, transmitter send signals to the receiver which is installed in the car. The receiver further sends the signals to the circuit board and you are able to control the entire car with your remote controller. Newly launched cars come along with bushles motors, which are more powerful and has less maintenance than the usual bush motors. New improvement in the transmitter and receiver makes the electric automobles more responsive and easy to operate. These cars has a speed up to 20 mph (32kmph) depending upon there type, model, battery charge and usage. Electric powered R.C Helicopter is hassle free and is considered to be the future of R.C cars in the world of R.C toys.

Nitro Powered R.C Car: Nitro Powered R.C Cars is not recommended for beginners, only those who have preferably used it or understand it should buy it. A Nitro R.C Car is made up of miniature version of real 2 stroke engine, which requires constant tuning to achieve higher performance and improved mileage. Nitro powered R.C cars are faster than the electric cars however, because of higher performance capacity and long driving conditions the wear and tear involved in a R.C car is higher than that of electric car. Additionally, at certain age, there is an unburned collection of oil in the exhaust system which further blocks the chassis and needs immediate cleaning for optimum performance. Such cars create an irritating sound and are more preferred by advanced car users.

So, make sure you understand your purpose with your R.C car and if you are beginner then you first try with an easy going R.C car before you can move on to Nitro powered race cars to avoid unnecessary expenses. We have a variety of radio controlled cars ready to ship at our store, choose your order today!